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My ambition: Make knowledge grow, flow and create value, with people at the centre.

My expertise: Boost the strategic transformation of international companies through programs encompassing change management, knowledge transfer, social learning, well-being, collaboration and digitization.

My method: Start from a business objective and a white page, co-design the change with a bottom-up approach, and realize the transformation with the help of a small diverse team assisted by many local change agents. I measure the realization of the business objective and the engagement via analytics.

Interests: People Development, Well-Being, Training, Teaching, Business, Economics, Technology, Science, Mechanics, Robotics.

Specialties: Conference Speaker, Social Collaboration, Strategic Planning, Cultural Transformation, Digitization, Change Management, Program Management, Consulting, Knowledge Management, Communities of practices, Document Management, Business Process Analysis, Survey Design, Business Analytics, Data Visualization.

Strong experience in multicultural and international environments, with English as the main working language. Experience of expatriation in Canada during five years.

Louis-Pierre Guillaume

Professional Experience

Schneider Electric (SE), France

Since January 2011

Director - Knowledge Management Office Drive the knowledge management and social collaboration strategy. Federates 180+ communities of practice with 20000 members, interacting daily on our enterprise social collaboration platform. Lead the Schneider internal Wikipedia. Coach several global knowledge management projects. Support local KM initiatives, promote their re-use and expansion globally. Deliver performance management trainings.

AREVA T&D, France

December 2009 - December 2010

Enterprise Collaboration and Knowledge Management Domain Manager. Lead the strategy, architecture and implementation of the organization-wide knowledge sharing. Deployed best practices for virtual team collaboration and collaboration tools

Schlumberger (SLB), France

May 2007- November 2009

Collaboratation Business Program Manager. Managed the Pilot of the Collaboration project, whose objective is to instill the collaboration culture and provide the environment to efficiently team up internally and externally. The pilot was deployed to 2300 users located in about 10 locations in 4 countries, on the latest Microsoft 2007 technologies. Managed the global deployment of team collaboration with SharePoint, focused on user change management and best practices.

November 2003 - April 2007

Corporate Portal & Search Business Project Manager. Enables Schlumberger to successfully capture and re-use business-driven knowledge, through content management tools and processes. Managed the corporate Portal, search and online translation, the Schlumberger Wikipedia, Wikis, Blogs and RSS feeds. Initiated and managed the CRONOS Records Management project, which aim was to deploy good Records Management practices in Schlumberger

March 2002 - October 2003

Enterprise Business Process and KM Manager at SchlumbergerSema. In charge of the project accounting business solution side of the SchlumbergerSema PARMA (Project Accounting and Resource Management) project. My role was to define and deploy global business processes with the help of subject matter experts. The project was cancelled when Schlumberger divested Sema to Atos Origin.

March - December 2002

KM Business Manager at SchlumbergerSema. Created and lead the bid management community of practice (CoP) that reached 500+ members worldwide. Managed a team that designed the global Project Accounting processes and rules for SchlumbergerSema

November 1997 - February 2002

Technical Documentation Project Manager. Designed and managed the worldwide deployment of the corporate Technical Document Management System used to produce XML-based technical documentation. Designed and deployed the SGML authoring environment that was used to publish the Schlumberger-specific SAP user help-on-line. Supervised the authoring.

Parker Williborg (PW), France

February 1994 - October 1997

Senior consultant. Realized audits in document organization that lead to the definition of needs, opportunity studies, and feasibility studies. Defined specifications, conceived functional architectures, and managed request for proposals. Trained clients on methodologies.

Bureau van Dijk (BvDIC & BvDEP), France

March 1993 - August 1993

Sales engineer. Prospected potential clients in document management consulting and à la carte publishing of databases on CD-ROM.

Marie de France High School (CMF), Canada

September 1989 - June 1991

Computer Sciences Trainer. Designed and taught courses for 200+ students from 11 to 18 years old. Trained adults to use computers. Managed the Photo club.


1990-1992     MBA, International Marketing - McGill University (Canada)
1987-1989     Masters of Sciences, Applied Mathematics - Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (Canada).
                     Thesis: Navigation of an autonomous mobile vehicule in a mine.
1983-1988     Masters of Sciences, Robotics, and Automation Engineering - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique (France)


  • French:  Mother tongue
  • English:  Very Fluent
  • German: Intermediary
  • Spanish: Beginner

Professional Qualifications, Certifications and Affiliations

  • University instructor at Kedge Business School, SKEMA and CNAM (2016-2017)
  • Certified MindGym trainer for Great Feedback and Performance Coaching, since December 2016
  • Well-Being trainer, via The Energy Project, since November 2016
  • Certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology since September 2016
  • MOOC Methods for surveys, at France Université Numérique (France), 2016
  • MOOC Exploratory Multivariate Analysis, Business Statistics with R, at France Université Numérique (France), 2015
  • MOOC Statistical analysis with R, Business Statistics,at France Université Numérique (France), 2014
  • Secretary of COP-1, the French association of managers of big companies involved in KM.
  • Honorary President of the McGill Alumi Society of France; President 2003-2008

Professional Achievements

Personal Interests

  • Swimming, science-fiction, architecture, gardening, do-it-yourself, cooking, photography, art.

Presentations - Publications - Contributions

  1. Social Learning and Learning Communities (Social learning et communautés d'apprentissage) (PDF), at Les Rencontres du eLearning et de la Formation Mixte, Paris, 14-15 November 2017
  2. Cohabitation harmonieuse entre Teams et Yammer chez Schneider Electric (PDF) published in Collaboratif-info., 20 October 2017
  3. Entre structuration des connaissances et socialisation des pratiques, comment faire évoluer les modes de gestion des connaissances et garantir leur efficacité ? (PDF), at ANVIE, Paris, 10 October 2017
  4. Schneider Electric, retour sur l'usage des outils collaboratifs dans une approche de Knowledge Management globalisée (PDF), at Microsoft Experiences 17, Paris, 03 October 2017
  5. Next-generation Communities of Practice: Schneider Electric SE Case Study. This 23-page case study details how Schneider Electric built an enterprise community management program and quickly established a large number of thriving communities in order to bolster online collaboration across its global workforce. APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center), June 2017
  6. Les communautés d'innovation (Innovation Communities). Chapter 8 of the book describes the steering of the Schneider Electric communities of practice through the Communities@Work program. Extracts of the book (PDF). June 2017.
  7. Communautés de pratique et management de la formation (Communities of Practice and the Management of Learning). Chapter 9 of the book describes the framework of the Schneider Electric communities of practice. Flyer (PDF). June 2017.
  8. Le programme Communities@Work pour piloter les communautés de pratique (Steering Communities of Practice through the Communities@Work program(PDF), at Knowledge Communities Observatory (KCO), Toulon, France, 12-13 June 2017
  9. Encourage the adoption of the Social Professional Network through the communities(PDF), at Intra.Net Reloaded, Berlin, Germany, 27-28 April 2017
  10. What is the secret of the vitality of the communities of Schneider Electric? (Video). Interview by Intra.Net Reloaded, Berlin, Germany, 27-28 April 2017
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  12. L'entreprise à l'ère du digital - Nouvelles pratiques collaboratives (New collaborative practices in the digital enterprise). The Schneider Electric enterprise community management program 'Communities@Work' and internal wikipedia 'iSEE' are highlighted as role models. Extracts of the book (PDF). November 2016.
  13. La transformation digitale des entreprises (Digital transformation of the enterprises). The Schneider Electric Knowledge Management Office, 'Communities@Work', the enterprise community management program and 'Spice', the enterprise social network, are highlighted. Extracts of the book (PDF). October 2016.
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